John Scanlon – Hope is Ending Wildlife Crime (Jane Goodall Hoepcast #10)


Episode Summary

In this fireside chat, Dr. Jane Goodall is joined by John Scanlon, who is CEO of Elephant Protection Initiative Foundation and chair of the Global Initiative to End Wildlife Crime, of which the Jane Goodall Institute Global is a champion. Recently John served as Special Envoy for African Parks and was the Secretary General of the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. John has dedicated his life to ensuring the safety and conservation of countless species of plants and animals. John and Jane have an insightful and moving conversation about the dire need to more effectively protect wildlife against criminal activities by joining forces beyond national borders, as well as work with local communities. For Jane’s part, she promotes education through Roots & Shoots youth programs and JGI’s Triangle Approach in countries like the Republic of the Congo, including work with law enforcement and sanctuaries, as well as the ForeverWild campaign. John, for the sake of future generations, finds hope in fighting for a better, more equitable world for all species. “We can’t, in good conscience, leave the next generation with the system that we’re living with today when we know that it’s not fit for purpose.”

At the End of the Rainbow

Stay to the end of the episode to hear a never-before-aired clip of Dr. Goodall’s speech for Interpol in 2020, urging communities, countries and citizens around the world to unite to end the devastating trade of vulnerable wildlife.

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Stay tuned…Episode 11 with Craig Foster of Netflix’s ‘My Octopus Teacher’ is coming soon!

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