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Good for All News and its contributors are excited to bring this community up to date news on conservation, the environment, chimpanzees, other endangered species and all other topics we see fit. Part of the reason this forum is here is to create open and stimulating discussion amongst our readers, however there are a few things to keep in mind:

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When you post content, which consists of any form of media, comments, or potential stories, you grant us the right to post this content on Good for All News, to store this content, or to alter it to comply within the limits of the Jane Goodall Institute’s mission statement and the values of Good for All News, regardless of any copyrights.

The Jane Goodall Institute holds no liability to the information that you have posted on Good for All News, you hold all responsibility for any repercussions that may occur. If your content violates any laws or regulations, you will bear the full responsibility.


All comments must be align with our Code of Conduct above. It is up to the discretion of the Jane Goodall Staff to decide whether a comment is appropriate. The Jane Goodall Institute Staff will premonitor comments.

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