Azzedine Downes: Hope is Protecting Animals and Changing the Face of Conservation (Jane Goodall Hopecast #5)


Episode Summary

Dr. Jane Goodall chats with longtime friend Azzedine Downes about wildlife conservation, complex reflections around the pandemic and our relationship with the natural world, and the importance of redefining success to focus on the health of the planet, other animals, and ourselves. Azzedine is the President and CEO of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), where he works to protect wildlife across the globe everyday. In this episode, Azzedine and Jane tell stories from their years of conservation work around the world, including learnings and ways to engage, listen, and collaborate for the good of all – core to the Jane Goodall Institute programs. They also discuss the “enchanting” pangolin, the most heavily trafficked animal in the world and one of the least known, and the importance of giving animals names to increase empathy and respect for their wellbeing. 

At the End of the Rainbow

Stay to the end of the episode to hear a rare archival clip of Jane talking about her first experiences with the pangolin on the Serengeti in 1957, a creature she calls “so worth saving.”

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Stay tuned…Episode 6 is coming soon!

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