There’s Still a lot Left Worth Fighting For


“In 200 years people will look back on this particular period and say to themselves, how did those people at that time just allow all of these amazing creatures to vanish.”. As we listen to Jane’s powerful words of wisdom, chills run up and down our body. The film Racing Extinction gives us a glimpse into the cruel reality that humanity and our world has come to. As Jane would say, we have lost touch with the world around us, we have stopped listening. There is a disconnect between our clever brain and the human heart. And the only way we will begin to repair the damage we have done is by reconnecting our minds and hearts, because we can only reach our true human potential once our head and heart work together. We must start making decisions based on how it will affect future generations, not just how it will affect us in the moment. Jane says it best, “There’s still a lot left worth fighting for”.

Together we can ignite change. #StartWith1Thing and join the world to watch the premiere of Racing Extinction December 2nd at 9pm ET/PT 8pm CT on Discovery.

About Author

Jacob is the liaison for office of the founder - global at the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI). He serves as one of Dr. Jane Goodall’s aids and has the exciting job of traveling with Jane on tour for several months out of the year. His focus is on logistical planning for Jane’s USA lecture tour, media, social media, writing/book projects and other day to day activities to support the mission of our very busy founder. Jacob has worked with Jane and JGI for over three years and came with a background in English/humanities along with nonprofit experience in event planning and educational programing.