Global March for the Climate – Call to Action from Dr. Goodall


Dr. Jane Goodall urges JGI members, Roots & Shoots youth and all environmental stewards to participate in the November 29 Global March for Climate in order to show politicians around the world that they care about acting on climate change. The Global March for Climate is a worldwide event with marches already planned in nearly 60 cities. The marches, which begin the weekend of November 28th, will continue for two weeks up until the end of the Paris Climate Change Conference (COP21), which runs from November 30 to December 11.

World leaders are converging on Paris for COP21 in order to reach an international agreement that will prevent the global climate from rising more than 2℃. The thousands of individuals who participate in the Global March for Climate are taking an active stand for climate justice and against carbon pollution. If you want to join this international effort to encourage world leaders for a smart climate plan, find the nearest march to you and sign up! Tell the world that you are committing to the People’s Global Climate March and encourage your friends and family to do so. Dr. Jane Goodall urges those with no major march happening around them to organize one of their own. To learn more about how to get involved, visit the Global Climate March website.

About Author

Pamela Huber is an intern for the Jane Goodall Institute working primarily in the organization's communications department. As a journalist, she has written on the environment and human rights before writing for Good For All News. She is interested in community-centered conservation, technology, ape research and rehabilitation, preserving biodiversity and youth education.