The Famous Chimps of Gombe

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David Greybeard

David Greybeard

Dr. Goodall’s favorite chimpanzee, after all of these years, is still David Greybeard, the very first individual at Gombe to have trusted Jane. David Greybeard, easily recognizable by his silver facial hair, was also the first chimp Jane saw using tools and the first she observed eating meat. David was a good friend not only to Dr. Goodall, but also to his companion Goliath. David often comforted Goliath by placing a hand on his head or body, particularly when Jane was observing the two chimps. He was very tolerant and kind, maintaining a gentle temperament even while others grew aggressive. David, in addition to all that he taught Dr. Goodall about primate behavior, also helped her by bringing other chimps with him when he visited her camp. Without David’s helpful introductions, Jane may not have been able to meet the other Gombe chimps. Jane believes that David Greybeard died during a pneumonia epidemic in 1968. Time Magazine named David one of the 15 most influential animals that ever lived.

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